1. How old must I be to adopt a Child?

A: In general, you must be of at least 25 years of age. You must also be at least 21 years older than the Child you wish to adopt. This rule may be waived by the Court in exceptional circumstances.

2. Can a single person adopt a Child?

A: In general, a single may adopt a Child. However, a single male cannot adopt a girl except in special circumstances.

3. Can a foreigner adopt a Child under Singapore law?

A: In order to adopt a Child, you must be a resident of Singapore (i.e. Singapore Citizen, Permanent Resident, holder of Employment Pass, Dependent’s Pass or any other pass which may be recognised by the Court).

4. Must the consent of the Child’s natural parents/guardian be obtained in order to adopt?

A: In general, you would need to obtain the consent of the Child’s natural parents/guardian. However, this requirement may be waived by the Court in certain cases.

5. What does the Court consider before making the Adoption Order?

A: In general, the Court would need to be satisfied that:-

(a) the parent/guardian consenting to the adoption understands the nature and effect of the adoption order;

(b) the order is for the welfare of the child; and

(c) that there has been no payment or other reward in consideration of the adoption which is not sanctioned by the Court.

6. Why do I need the Adoption Order?

A: Before the Adoption Order is made, you are not legally recognised as the adoptive parent(s) and may have issues on the Child’s school, education, health and religious matters. When the Adoption Order is made by the Court, the rights, duties and liabilities of the parent(s)/guardian of the children would stop and the adoptive parent(s) would take over the powers for the above.

7. After Adoption, will I have the right to change the Child’s name?

A: A birth certificate bearing the child’s new name and that of the adoptive parents would be issued by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority.

8. Can I adopt more than one child?

A: In general, you can adopt more than one child. However, the Court must be satisfied that the adoption would be for the benefit for both the subsequent child and the first child adopted.

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